Converge on the Answer

Your access to data is growing, but your ability to leverage it is not. Most of this data goes unused without time consuming data pre-processing and manipulation. Improving your business results remains locked behind complex and costly data science.


At ConvergentAI, we provide predictive analytic solutions that enable businesses to improve results by unlocking the power of their data. Our solutions are based on Swarm Intelligence; our proprietary learning and analytics engine that was built from the ground up to deliver superior pattern recognition and event prediction on complex, heterogeneous, dynamically changing data. We put the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning within reach of companies previously not possible.

Your data is valuable - analyze all of it

Mixed data presents a challenge for most analytic solutions; they either generalize to the broadest type or discard data that doesn’t fit. Our solutions use Swarm Analysis; a decentralized analytic model which adapts to combinations of structured and unstructured data. Leveraging all the data means our solutions deliver better results.

Your business is varied - learn from the details

Most machine learning tunes globally for best overall results; but local variance in the data drives error. Our solutions use Swarm Learning; individual feedback algorithms that learn from that variance. Tuning locally increases our models’ resolution and its accuracy. Our solutions also explain what the machine learned, reducing the need for interpretation and data science.

Your world is dynamic - stay on top of it

Most machine learning is offline; reprocessing data to retune, often discarding prior insight. Our solutions run continuously; iteratively updating the model based on new data and new learning. Our solutions are uniquely suited for dynamic environments that quickly invalidate batch analytics.


Content Discovery

Our Content Management & Discovery solutions analyze combinations of Structured and Unstructured Content to discover relationships, patterns and anomalies where none appear to exist. The solution reduces your applied time while increasing accuracy; allowing you to make quicker and more informed business decisions.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management solutions analyze highly dynamic data to detect complex patterns and predict future activity. Our solutions deliver activity prediction for logistics, maintenance and threats.