At Convergent, we provide predictive analytic solutions that enable businesses to improve results by unlocking the power of their data. Our solutions are based on Swarm Intelligence; our proprietary learning and analytics engine that was built from the ground up to deliver superior pattern recognition and event prediction on complex, heterogeneous, dynamically changing data. We put the power of AI and ML within reach of companies previously not possible. Let us help you converge on the answers.


Our predictive analytic solutions are based on Swarm Intelligence; our proprietary AI/ML engine that delivers superior pattern recognition and event prediction on complex, heterogeneous, dynamically changing data. Our solutions deliver results where traditional AI/ML has been limited by the complexity and expense of data science. User Applications are developed using standard templates, while APIs provide fast and easy integration into 3rd party partner workflows.

Commercial Model

At Convergent™, our goal is to help companies make better decisions by bringing the power of AI/ML to underserved markets. We focus on solutions where the problem (and the ROI) is clear, but the complexity of the data prohibits making decisions easily. Solutions include Asset Management, Identity Management and Content Management. We offer solutions through direct and partner channels, making their solution, their process or their teams better by reducing their cost to serve and improving the results they deliver. Our SaaS solution and subscription revenue model reduces upfront costs.

Management and Investors

The Convergent™ management team has built and sold six companies to large corporations and taken a company public on the NASDAQ. The Convergent team has been inventing and deploying the underlying Distributed Intelligence approach for more than 20 years and has 3 Patents related to Distributed Intelligence. Axon Connected, LLC is the majority investor. Other investors include SAP NS2®, the Center for Innovative Technology, Mach37™, Blu Venture Investors, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and several private individuals.


The ConvergentAI™ management team each have more than 30 years of leadership experience at companies including GE and Mercedes. The ConvergentAI™ technology team has been inventing, researching, and deploying the underlying Swarm Intelligence approach for more than 20 years.

Tom Brock (Chief Executive Officer)

Tom brings over 30 years of experience in the industrial and healthcare technology space.  His broad experience spans P&L operations, strategy, product management, IT and sales.  He is adept at helping small / mid market companies scale and grow profitably.  Tom also brings deep experience in scaling SaaS based software companies; including product strategy, multi-generational product planning, agile development, pricing and channel strategies, implementation and support.

Tom has BS degree in Electrical Engineering form Georgia Tech.  He is a graduate of GE’s management development course and is a Six Sigma master black belt.  Prior to joining AxonAI, Tom held leadership positions in technology companies including COO at Healthcare First, a $30M healthcare software and services company, VP of strategy & business development for RelayHealth, the $500M healthcare data connectivity and analytics division of McKesson, GM of commercial software for $30M solution at GE Healthcare, and CIO of a $300M sensing solutions business at GE Industrial Systems.

Sven Brueckner (Chief Technology Officer)

Dr. Sven Brueckner co-founded the portfolio company in 2013 after leading and managing basic and applied research efforts for more than a decade in the Agent-Based and Complex Systems research group at Jacobs Technology, Inc. He has 20 years experience in multi-agent systems research. His doctoral thesis researches the theoretical foundations of designing self-organizing systems with emergent properties and applies its findings to engineering real-world applications.

Dr. Brueckner has been the lead on numerous Swarm Intelligence related R&D efforts. He has authored over twenty papers on agent-based and complex systems’ theory and application. He is named inventor on several patents or patent filings. His strong standing in the academic community is also reflected in his participation in Program and Organizational Committees of many prestigious conferences and workshops. Dr. rer. nat. in Computer Science, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany (2000). Naturalized US citizen 02/11/2010, maintains German citizenship.

Andrew Yinger (Chief Software Architect)

Andrew Yinger has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, seventeen of them as a software engineer. He has extensive experience leading software engineering teams, as well as designing and implementing complex agent-based systems. His software expertise includes designing multithreaded, distributed systems that leverage the latest developments in client/server and peer-to-peer remote messaging protocols to achieve concurrent, inter-process, cross-platform communication. His technical leadership includes experience managing projects using a variety of software development techniques and styles, ranging from the more formalized, structured practices.

Andrew was awarded an MS in Software Engineering and Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2003, where his study included work on application that implemented Case Based Reasoning and a patent for an XML-driven speech animation framework for simulating intelligent behavior. In 1994, he received his BA in History from the University of California, Berkeley.